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"ANYTHING is possible"

- Jon Thorsteinn Johannsson


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Mr Lizard

Posted on May 21 by

After 16 years in Denmark, I had no idea that the Innsmouth’esque little hamlet in the swamps of the Danish Mid-West (a.k.a. Banjo Country) that I soon will live in, is...


My happy-place

Posted on Mar 20 by

…is The Woodshed. It’s such an awesome place it deserves those capital letters. No place like it for mulling over a fresh idea while drinking a warm cup of coffee, a...


New gig

Posted on Oct 29 by

Did I tell you? I Got a new job. I am now working for Ørskov Gruppen, a group of Danish companies situated in Skjern and Copenhagen. The pictures shows the view that can be seen...


Scandinavian cuisine

Posted on Sep 19 by

In the last two weeks I have been so lucky to be willingly subjected to both Icelandic and Danish cuisine – to what you might call as somewhat requiring “acquired tastes”...


21st century archery

Posted on Sep 3 by

I had a GREAT weekend patiently hunting down rebel garden-gnomes (of which there unfortunately were none, so civilian cardboard-boxes had to be sacrificed in their stead) in some...