I like big BOOKS…

• Every day I learn something new and usefull, is a good day

• As opposed to books, TV rots the brain and cripples the imagination…


2011 – Project Management (Module)
Copenhagen Business Collage, Copenhagen, Denmark

2010 – Master Of Business Leadership (Module 1/5)
KF Andersen Leadership Academy, SARL, Switzerland
Module 1/5: Next Generation Leaders – The Will To Lead

2008 – Master of Science in Information Technology, Multimedia
Aarhus University, Aarhus, Denmark
Master’s Thesis: ”3D graphics as a conceptualization tool for collaborative Computer Aided Design“.

2004 – Bachelor of Science in Medialogy
Aalborg University, Esbjerg, Denmark
Specialisation: 3D graphics and Machine Perception

2002 – AP degree in Multimedia Design and Communication
Aarhus Business College, Aarhus, Denmark
Specialisation: Advanced Visualisation and Interaction

1998 – Higher Preparatory Examination Programme (HF)
Vestjysk Gymnasium & HF-Kursus, Tarm, Denmark

1996 – Higher Preparatory Examination Programme
Fjölbrautarskólinn Við Ármúla, Reykjavík, Iceland

Plus a handfull of primary and secondary schools – as well as private school courses and qualification programmes – in Iceland, Sweden and Denmark.

My studies have included courses on the following topics:

  • 3D Modelling and Animation
  • Augmented Reality
  • Automatic (machine) Perception
  • Human Perception
  • Branding and Product Marketing
  • Conceptualisation and Ideation
  • Communication
  • Design Theory
  • Design Methodology
  • Design Processes
  • Film Informatics
  • Music Informatics
  • Game Design
  • Human-Computer Interaction
  • Hypermedia
  • Innovative usage of the Virtual Studio
  • Interaction
  • Multimedia and Databases
  • Interactive Media systems
  • Interface Design
  • Object Oriented Programming
  • Multimedia Aestetics
  • Multimedia Production
  • Organisational structure and culture
  • Project Management and Planning
  • Perspectives on Multimedia
  • Of course there have been many more and I will (hopefully) never stop learning new and interesting things.

    Also I read a LOT of novels, mostly sci-fi and fantasy – this has left me cursed or blessed (depends on how you look at it) with a lot of trivia about make-believe worlds, technologies that have yet to be invented and history that never was. Personally I think this is a good thing.

    Download my CV in English HERE

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    Language skills:

  • Icelandic
        Native or bilingual proficiency (S-5)
  • Danish
        Native or bilingual proficiency (S-5)
  • English
        Native or bilingual proficiency (S-5)
  • Scandinavian (Swe+Nor)
        Limited working proficiency (S-2)
  • German
        Elementary proficiency (S-1)