This is the “Jon’s personal site” part of, where I keep a lot of the stuff I would otherwise have to send (you’d be surprised at what information people request sometimes) available for all to see.

Anyway, here on this site you can find:

  • The story of my life, what I have studied and where and what I have worked with
  • Pictures, 2D/3D graphics and videos of an by me
  • How to reach me
  • Furthermore, this site also doubles as a repository for all my little nanobot experiments – but these are not accessable from this interface (yet). To access the rest of (forums, blog, fileserver, games, tutorials, etc.) you need to know the exact url’s, logins and passwords to do so. Basically: if you are allowed to see it, you can… :)

    If you are asking yourself why on Earth the site is called “nanobot”, here’s a quick explanation: just because, haha… Well, actually in 2003 I had this idea of creating an online game where you would be able to create swarms of nanobots (nano-scale robots) who would then have to solve puzzles and overcome obstacles, Lemmings-style. The game never left the concept development phase, but by then I had aquired the domain name and I found I really liked the hosting company and the services they provide, so I kept the site and the name. I am actually reconsiddering making the game – or at least parts of it – for my own amusement and as an excercise and that is where the “nanobot experiments” come into the picture. And the rest, as they say, is history.