What makes me tick:

• Meeting interesting people with a “can do” attitude

• Making “stuff” with my mind or my hands (preferably both)


I was born in Iceland in 1977. Since then I have lived in three countries, attended twelve schools and lived in twenty-nine different places. Most of that time I have spent on the south-west coast and western fjords of Iceland, the Swedish river lands and the east and west coasts of Jutland, Denmark. I spent a considerable part of my childhood lurking around libraries and reading old-school analogue books – that is – when I was not disassembling clocks, teasing my little sister, making homemade explosives or trying to dissect the neighbors’ pets…

In my early teens I started reading science-fiction novels and subsequently got sucked into the wonderful world of computers and natural science and have been a nerd ever since. I got my first Internet connection in 1994 and the World suddenly became very small. Since then I have thoroughly enjoyed the second Renaissance of Man in the Information Age.

In my late teens, I discovered 3D graphics, girls, sports, role-playing games and game-engines. Since then I have acquired a taste for product design, architecture, usability, innovation, human factors and hypermedia. With all this at my fingertips, I am never bored and as a result, thereof, I have not owned a TV-set since 1999. The place, in which I have lived the longest in later years, was the beautiful Danish city of Aarhus, where I finally finished my studies.

As you read this, I am currently living in the Danish capitol of Copenhagen am temporarily living in a tiny pastoral village on the west coast of the Danish mainland (Jylland) called Tarm, which incidentally means intestine in Danish.

When all that is said and done, I spend most of my free time on trying to be creative, hanging out with my friends, grabbing a couple of beers when the moon is in the eighth house of Aquarius and reading a lot of books. I am also struggling to find the time to work on my web comic and other pet projects, albeit painfully slowly. I listen to strange music, really like sarcastic dark humor and weird art.

Since I was nine years old, I have more or less always had some form of a job. These include IT-Specialist, Concept Developer, Farm hand, Factory worker, Bartender, Assistant Teacher, Pizza Delivery Boy, Sanitation Technician, Sheep Herder, Window Washer, Driver, Store Clerk, Bouncer, Male Stripper, Metal Worker, Multimedia Designer, Painter, Graphical Designer, Workshop Assistant, Masonry Assistant, Construction Worker, Kitchen Worker, Technical Advisor, Party Planner, Lecturer, Landscape Entrepreneur and Actor. Never a dull moment…

Outside My Free Time™, I build web-sites, conduct mysterious 3D experiments where strange and wonderful things are created in computers and printed in plastic. I also construct annoying flash things and deign to code when it cannot be avoided. If you have not guessed it by now, I am a multimedia nerd.

My friends consider me to be an extrovert, sociable and energetic person and a endearing eccentric. This is partly due to my recreational pursuits and interests, which include pen and paper role playing, a private think tank, my own art, architecture and design, as well as an unquenchable curiosity. I have also volunteered at the Skanderborg festival, am a cofounder of a charitable foundation and participate in workshops on innovation, sustainable entrepreneurship and constructive futurism.

I am interested in sustainable resource utilization, green technology, the environment, the space industry, leadership, IT, design, architecture, computer games, cinema, books, arts and crafts, good ideas and interesting people. I admire people with a “can do” attitude and therefore my motto is: ANYTHING is possible.

There are many goals I want to achieve in my lifetime, many places I want to see and many things I want to create. Amongst these are:

  • Paying off my student loans
  • Finishing this website
  • Repeatedly visiting my friends in Australia, Canada, USA, Japan, Lithuania, Norway, Iceland, Peru, Poland, Sweden, USA and Turkey
  • Going offworld
  • Helping design something so breathtakingly cool that I can proudly point at it and say: “I made this!”
  • I am just a simple man, from a simple country, with simple customs and simple needs. I sing, I dance, sacrifices small furry mammals to my evil gods and am fueled by coffee and the gentle radiation from my computer monitors. And although there are many things that can be said about me, some nice and probably some not, what remains consistent is that I am a persistent person hellbent on leaving my mark on this World and helping design the future. I also like crushing my enemies, seeing them driven before me, hearing the lamentation of their women, cookies, coffee, puppies, the “colour” black, comic books, good ideas, LEGOs and sarcasm – not necessarily in that order…


    The World is my playground and I am here to stay.